Here's my third-person, mini bio!   

Khara a graphic designer & writer based in New York City.  She is the founder of Hush & Gael, a paper arts company specializing in greeting cards and art prints. In addition to editorial work, she is well-versed in commercial and corporate design. Her personal style is whimsical and fun but she can also bang out extensive real estate presentations, brochures, pamphlets, and more. 

She works primarily in Indesign, Photoshop & Illustrator and promises a quick turn around. From her days in magazines and in large corporate firms she has learned production skills that make her a valuable designer. In other words, she knows what she is doing! She has thick skin, can take direction and criticism and won't quit on a project until the client is satisfied. If you need someone to collaborate with or provide direction she is at your service.